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Lanca Wallcovering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 04, 2017

                            HOW TO USE WALLPAPER IN YOUR HOME

Wallpaper can be tricky to get right. It can look too fussy, make a room appear smaller, and looks terrible if the wall’s plaster work isn’t entirely smooth. Despite all of these factors, we are still advocates of a beautifully wallpapered wall! Read on to discover our top tips for how to use wallpaper in your home with the desired results.

Choose your wall

Something that many people get wrong is the placement of your wallpaper. It may be tempting to create a bold statement and wallpaper an entire room, but this can be extremely tricky to get right. If you are choosing a subtly printed or textured wallpaper, and the room is exposed to plenty of natural light, then this is more likely to work. However, we prefer to concentrate on wallpapering just one feature wall or alcove to avoid creating the illusion that your room is darker and smaller than it actually is.

Carefully consider the wall that you are thinking of wallpapering. How much light does the wall get from the windows? If you are thinking of utilising a hidden corner of the room that is always in shadow, ensure that you opt for a lighter hued, more minimal design. If your wall of choice is well-lit, a busier and darker wallpaper may work, and can even make a large room seem cosier. Lighting is also an important consideration when you are decided between a shiny or matt design. Think about how the light will bounce off the paper.

We particularly love the idea of wallpapering alcoves, chimney breasts, or feature walls behind your bed or sofa.

Create the perfect base

There’s nothing worse than lumpy and bumpy wallpaper, so it is imperative that your walls are ready to paper. Ensure that your chosen walls that you wish to paper are smooth and clean, and that you have primed them prior to wallpapering. Any chips, cracks or holes will need filling and sanding over before your walls are primed. If possible, opt for freshly plastered walls that require minimum care, and try to stay clear of wood panelled or previously wallpapered walls, that will have to be stripped.

Think about the rest of your room

Wallpaper is a long-term commitment, as it is much harder to replace and change than a simple lick of paint. Ensure that you have the rest of your room planned out before you go ahead. Consider your colour scheme, and be 100% sure that your choice of wallpaper works within it. If you are unsure, ask for a sample to be sent so you can see how it fits amongst the rest of your décor.

Select the design wisely

Are you the kind of person who is quick to change their mind? If so, opt for a more subtle design that you are less likely to get bored of. We love classic natural textures such as marble or brick prints for a statement look that will remain stylish. If you prefer something bolder and brighter and want to create more of a statement, look for something with the wow factor.