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The knowledge of wallpaper design

Lanca Wallcovering Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2017

                                    The knowledge of wallpaper design

 A family of plastic resins which can be used in making synthetic fibers, for surface coating or as pigment binder.

Air Knife: Device used to remove excess pigment at the time of wall covering manufacture.

American Single Roll: Comes in a wide variety of lengths and widths ranging from 18 to 36 inches in width and from four to eight yards in length.  Regardless of length or width, each single roll contains 34 to 36 square feet of wall covering. Wallcovering is usually packaged in double or triple rolls, but prices are normally quoted by the single roll.

Antimicrobal (Biocide): Compound commonly added to a polymeric compound or coating to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae on the surface of a finished product.

Appliqué: Cut-out design or ornament in fabric or other material that is applied on top of another, larger surface.  In wall covering, cut-outs applied to plain, textured or figured backgrounds.

Bandbox Designs: Motifs taken from bandboxes or hatboxes of the early 19th century which were covered with wallpaper, usually of atopical or romantic nature.

Backing Material: It is laminated to the bottom of the design layer.  Unexposed layer or layers in a composite used to impart physical properties rather than appearance.  Materials used range from woven and non-woven fabrics to light weight paper products.

Base: The vinyl sheet or ground produced at the manufacturing plant in color on which design prints are added.

Baseboard:Decorative molding found at the bottom of the wall, along the floor.

Blankstock: Blank paper used under wallpaper. Lining paper is a traditional product used under fine wallcoverings to absorb excess moisture from the finish wallpaper.  It allows seams to dry sooner and safer, and the promotes short term stability of the installation.

Bleeding: In printing, a spreading of pigment beyond the design outline or the appearance of one color through another.

Blister: Small air pocket that forms behind wallpaper during installation.  Causes can include inadequate booking time, installation in conditions under 50 degrees F., and pockets of air not removed during the installation process.

Bolt: Two single rolls of wallpaper, in a continuous strip.  The bolt, or double roll, is priced as two single rolls but is packaged as one unit or length of paper to minimize waste.

Block Cutter:Craftsman who, by hand, hammers into a roller the brat strips and felt from which a design is printed.