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Advantages Of Wallpaper

Lanca Wallcovering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 10, 2015

Paper adhesive wall paper wallpaper is the most widely used variety, it has colorful, pattern-rich, affordable, stain-resistant, resistant to cleaning and main advantages.

Colorful pattern enrich

Through printing, and pressure spent mold different pattern of design, more version printing color of overprint, various pressure spent lines of tie, makes wallpaper pattern colorful scene, both for Office places stable generous of plain paper, also has for young cheerful unrestrained of compared strongly of geometry; both not out House, that visible landscape music of spent paper, also has caters to children taste, with you into wonderful fairy tale world of cartoon paper. If designed appropriately, wallpaper for you to create a free family-friendly atmosphere.


Previously, when you step into the upscale hotel may be impressed by its magnificent, hopes his family can do the same elegant, but because of the cost of renovation price prohibitive. Today, popular domestic paper adhesive wall paper on the market, prices and construction costs, and total price 10~20 Yuan/square meter. A room of 20 square meters, you can simply spend hundreds of Yuan to facelift. These price structures, especially for working-class needs. Home, hotel and enjoy, and constantly seek different, creating popular homemade wallpaper manufacturing industry to make test-your dream come true.

Short cycle

Use paint or paint decoration, the wall required repeated construction of at least three to five times, one day at a time, one week's time. Contains a lot of organic solvents in paints and coatings, you breathe can have an impact on human health, and therefore the occupancy time to maintain good indoor ventilation for more than 10 days before. In this way, from decoration to complete, at least half a month. Choose wallpaper decoration, a three-bedroom House, put up wallpaper by wallpapers construction professionals, just three people to complete, and does not affect your normal life.

Stain-resistant scrub resistance

If you love writing, often in the latest works on the walls; if summer for slapping mosquitoes accidentally stained walls, without worry about the wallpaper cleaner, as long as the sponge with clear water or cleaning wipe, you can remove stains. Adhesive wall paper of dirt, scrub resistance guarantees that you even repeatedly wiping will not affect the family wall surface elegant appearance.

Fire, mold, bacterial

In addition, wallpaper can meet your fire protection, antifungal, antibacterial, special needs.

With the accelerated pace of China's accession to the WTO, Europe and other developed countries family-friendly fashion is bound to affect Chinese people's consumption concept, combined with the wallpaper has many significant advantages in comparison to other interior materials, so its penetration in the country will have an exponential growth. Facing the dazzling decoration material market, only trusted wallpaper, select the wallpaper to make your home fashion ahead of its time.