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Classification Of Adhesives For Wallpaper

Lanca Wallcovering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 10, 2015

1, the CF

Cellulose extracted from wood or cotton with alkali (such as sodium hydroxide) processes, and then treated with Methyl chloride, methyl cellulose to produce. Final product is a white granular solid, soluble in cold water but soluble in hot water. In addition used as adhesive in addition to methyl ether cellulose can also be used as thickening agents, substitute for natural rubber and emulsion stabilizers.

Methyl cellulose is virtually odorless and tasteless white to yellow-white granules or powder. Concentration of 1% (w/v) the PH value of the solution between the 5.5--8.0, its angle of repose is about 40--50, it is hygroscopic. Slow expansion and proliferation of methyl cellulose in cold water, forming a transparent to white, sticky, gelatinous suspension bleach liquor and its viscosity increases as the concentration. Viscosity decreases with temperature, the temperature reached about 50--60 degrees Celsius form a gel. The coagulation process is reversible, once it has cooled again form a viscous solution.

When the wallpaper paste, cellulose is one of the highest water content in the universal paste (about 97%), typically, it is with a small box of white powder. When using cellulose mixed with cold water, will be able to use it together with a variety of lighter materials, such as: air, grass cloth and silk paper. Adhesion to cellulose is usually belong to the mechanical type, happened after high smoothness, it does not apply to those who require high initial adhesion and retention of wall paint.

2, batter

Common wheat flour is most often used in making wallpaper paste of flour, in temperate climates are ideal. Decorating material Center sells bags of flour for sale, the user simply white or gray-white powder slowly into the warm water, and with a small stick or agitator stirring constantly to avoid flour lumps. First, the flour is processed in a factory, then dried and mixed with other ingredients. The batter can be divided into many levels, but sometimes it's hard to in traditional decoration materials market

General purpose paste, the moisture behind the cellulose of wheat, about 90%--95%, added water to it depends on the product. While the batter is most widely used in adhesives, but the 20th century 50 's vinyl and apply paint to the front in the 60 's, finally vinyl adhesive monopolized the United States market, causes the batter to use rate of decline. However, there are still many wall products can use the batter stick on the wall, including blank original handprint backing paper, porous paper, grass cloth, paper, silk, and many United Kingdom residential wallpapers and so on.

3, pre-mixed vinyl adhesive (clay)

Clay pre-mixed vinyl adhesive is specially developed for paper vinyl wall materials, it consists of clay, dextrin, a small amount of cellulose, biocides and other additives. With a clay type of pre-mixed vinyl adhesive added Glycerin, designed specifically for paper machinery and equipment. Pre-mixed vinyl adhesive in color from Tan to grayish white, usually wrapped in 1 gallon and 5 gallon pail. General purpose glue, minimum water content clay premixed adhesive, about 40%--50%, it is usually used for wall materials of excellent adhesion. This type of wall materials, including commercial vinyl resins, lined with foil and ink handprint paper.

4, transparent pre-mixed vinyl adhesive

Transparent pre-mixed vinyl adhesive based on natural polymers (such as wheat and corn starch) or synthetic polymers by heating or chemical means for processing, makes its long-chain molecules into shorter chain molecules. Addition of additives in the process cellulose, biological pesticides and mobile agents, and so on. In shopping malls in the transparent adhesive for use on bare plaster board is specified as "peelable", in order to easily peel for future redecorating. Transparent adhesive extremely versatile, can be used with all kinds of wall materials, from light to heavy duty vinyl material available. Transparent adhesive for wallpaper and materials with significantly different when bond, note: transparent adhesive may penetrate fragile wallpaper, also could not overcome the obvious phenomenon of curling. Moisture content of transparent adhesive is usually 60%-70%.

5 、 VOV

Vinyl Over Vinyl is a trademark of Roman decorating products. VOV adhesives designed specifically for business, original vinyl wall materials can use a new type of vinyl wall materials for redecorating. VOV the viscosity of the adhesive is extremely strong, are sometimes used to require special high viscosity paste installation. VOV, the term is often incorrectly used in some occasions Over Vinyl adhesive.