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Hand-painted Wall Drawing Process

Lanca Wallcovering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 10, 2015

Wall surface processing

Wall base treatment is important, generally good latex paint brush paint on the wall, wall leveling, brush primer, design planning to prepare in advance.

Make a sketch

No art skills of the people, to be painted on the wall paper brush gently hook out of the draft outline, satisfaction before they can paint, otherwise it is not easy to change.

Matching paint

Purchase control pattern effect pigments, such as purchase of latex paint color effect can not grasp, don't rush to make a decision in the paint shop, or paint sample swatches to take home, in the paint color was observed under natural light and night light. Glossy paint will make the room look brighter, but also prominent wall defects, if the wall is not very smooth, suggested the use of flat paint. Paint never too thin, or easy to left flow marks on the wall. Acrylic paints palette as needed, carefully writing.

Ready to paint

First of all, in front of the graffiti-covered walls covered with newspapers, so as not to contaminate the ground. Pure hand-painted color pattern, drawing contours on the thin, absorbent paper, then cut it, put it on the wall and the corresponding position, rubbing the coloring. If you are afraid to break walls, the most convenient method is to use inkjet self-adhesive spray after the picture down, with stickers on the wall. Acrylic paint in paint, if any errors are found, you can wipe off the wet rag to repaint, but latex paint cannot be used this way.


After finished to ventilation, wall dry before they can touch. Acrylic paint dries waterproof, but can not be scrubbed with water.