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Living Room Wallpaper Design​ – Types Of Wallpapers

Lanca Wallcovering Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 28, 2017

                      Living room wallpaper design  – types of wallpapers

stylish wallpaper ideas blossoming tree motif colored sofa

Paper wall coverings are quite thin and may not hide any roughness on wall surfaces. These are 

suitable for perfectly flat walls. One of the advantages of paper wallpaper is that they are 

environmentally friendly. Due to the natural origin of the material they can be used in the bedroom 

and the nursery. Paper is breathable which prevents growth of mold or fungus.

 wallpaper ideas decorative accent wall white furniture blue curtains

Vinyl wallpapers have a paper based. They can be cleaned, washed, and the seams are practically 

invisible to the eye. A living room with vinyl wallpapers will look fresh, original and stylish. Vinyl 

wallpaper can be glued to any room, even in a bathroom or kitchen as the vinyl coating is resistant to 

mechanical stress. It has a long life and many manufacturers guarantee at least 10 years of service.

Bamboo wallpapers are naturally beautiful. They easily transform any living room into a sophisticated 

space. Bamboo wallpapers are easy to maintain: once or twice a year they need to be cleaned with a 

vacuum cleaner.

Fabric wallpapers transform the vision of the living room and are very suitable for classic rococo or 

renaissance interiors. They will be a real highlight of the interior.