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Lanca Wallcovering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 10, 2015

Fresco is a branch of the wallpaper, the wallpaper is used for wall decoration-free patterns or simple patterns repeated decorative material. Wallpaper is a standardized product, and the mural is personalized products, each the size of the picture, design is carried out in accordance with customers ' requirements.

Final presents a complete picture of the fresco, the screen can meet the user's individual needs. But in the process of production, as long as the user screen above a certain size, you are required to frame into several and then spliced into a whole. Mural as long as the picture precision is high enough, you can print out a large enough size. If is a vector diagram, in theory, can be made into infinite dimensions.

Personality construction of the murals of the construction process in wall construction is consistent. According to the different production, already cut good murals directly on flower mosaic paste. Also some manufacturers in order to transport the need to protect the mural, mural the edges of a certain size (usually 2cm) the cutting position. It would need to be stamped with a utility knife after laying off superfluous parts.

Murals are high grade decorative material, compared to wallpaper, have unique decorative effects.

Mural scenes: TV background wall paintings, sofas and background walls painted, living room, bedroom wall murals wall painting the background.