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The History Of Wallpaper

Lanca Wallcovering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 10, 2015

As early as the Tang dynasty of China, drawing on the paper to decorate the walls. By the middle of 18th century, the British Morris began mass production of printed wallpaper,

Modern wallpaper. With the changing times, development of wallpaper with the cultural development and the development of the world economy, has experienced: paper, paint on paper, foam paper, printing paper, embossed paper, special paper development process.

Wallpaper, like other decoration materials, evolving with the development of economy and culture in the world. Wallpaper in different periods of use is one of the local economic development, new materials, pop psychology factors reflected.

Original wallpaper is drawn on the paper, print pictures made. Certain decorative effect, but is also limited to the Royal Court and other high places local decorative use. Really large area along with other decorative material into home life, also in in the late 1970 of the 20th century 80 's.

Throughout the 80 's, is the prevalence of foam wallpapers, "foam" also known as a stencil relief foaming. Refers to add foaming agents in the raw material, combined with high temperature in the production process, makes the foaming agent in completing similar "fermentation" process. There is thus produced wallpaper concave, soft to the touch. The advantage of this type of wallpaper is stronger, you can increase the sense of the space of the room. But the disadvantages are also obvious: no wear-resistant, easily scratched, vulnerability to pollution. At present, the foam wallpapers have been phased out, but some still visible on the ceiling of the room to use.

The late 80 's, with the development of the plastics industry, there are alternatives to foam wallpapers-rubber face wallpaper. This wallpaper is not foam, hard texture, greatly improves the foaming wallpapers shortcomings. Waterproof, moisture-proof, durable and exquisite printing, embossed texture, can be arbitrary showed various designs and patterns on the wallpaper, its development new color expressiveness and practicality to create a wallpaper page. Currently, the rubber face wallpaper usage accounted for about 70% in the world.

Plastic wallpaper launched the beginning of popular texture showing luster of the silk wallpaper. Towards the end, as housing decoration industry trends change, matte, matte wallpaper (wallpaper) is leading the trend. Wallpaper for the color and pattern of expression growing, generally welcomed by consumers. The major manufacturers launched a fierce competition.

In the late 1990 of the 20th century to the early 21st century, fabric wallpaper in fashion, is expected to begin in 2002, along with human growth in the leisure, comfort and environmental protection, eco-friendly, natural products will be accepted, consumers will further increase the demand for paper wallcoverings.

Current wallpaper in Japan and the Russia civilian education popularization rate close to 100%, in the coverage of Europe and the United States also has 50%-60%, in China the current penetration rate of less than 1%! With China's economic development, improvement of people's living standards, believes wallpaper as the necessities of life, will fly into the homes of ordinary people!

Wallpapers as decorative material to beautify the environment, can be used in many places:

Paper for domestic use: living room, bedroom, dining room, children room, study room, recreation room,

Commercial space: hotels, restaurants, Department stores, shopping malls, exhibition

Administrative space: office buildings, schools, hospitals, government agencies and other

Entertainment: restaurants, dance halls, bars, KTV, night club, tea houses, cafes, etc

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