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Types Of Murals

Lanca Wallcovering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 10, 2015

1. post painted directly on the wall paintings, some of which are machine printed (decorative line generally is on the market as such), or painter hand painted, drawn on some material, high points such as silk, gold, post painted directly on the wall, commonly known as the hand-painted.

2. through the painters painted directly on the wall, was also hand-painted, a little in the front and the first class is a bit like, except that it is the carrier of the walls, not through other media, just the paint durability crisper than the first time, so now the scope of universal or widely.

3. machine sculptures, using different colors of colored paper cut out various shapes, form patterns, this basic collectively, wall stickers.

4. by drawing or printing out the heart, and then flexes made from wood or wood, or painted directly on the wood, and directly hang on the wall, also known as decorative painting.

Method to painting, sculpture, or other natural or artificial making pictures on the wall. As a subsidiary part of a building, its decorative and beautifying function make it an important aspect of environmental art. One of the earliest form of painting murals in the history of mankind. Prehistoric cave painting for existing murals and Cliff, the first of about 20,000 years ago. Fresco fragments of Qin in xianyang, Shaanxi, China, dating back 2,300 years. Murals are also booming during the Han dynasty and Wei-Jin and southern and Northern dynasties since 20th century unearthed much. Prosperous period of Tang dynasty murals, mural painting, Kizil Grottoes at Dunhuang, peak Mural art of the time. After the Song dynasty murals are gradually fading. After 1949, murals restored and development.

1979 completed murals of Beijing Capital Airport group. Zhihou, continue adding the murals in some new buildings, many of the works in artistic expression, production technique and tradition, learning from foreign experience, innovation and development. Fresco techniques distinguish two classes: painting and the painting process. Painting-painting tools, especially hand-painted directly on the wall. Specific descriptive has: ① dry mural, in rough mud, and fine mud, and lime pulp processing Hou of dry wall surface Shang draws; II wet mural, basement half dry Shi, to clear lime water harmonic pigment draws, must once completed, difficulty larger; ③ egg color painting, to yolk or egg whites for main harmonic agent of water dissolved pigment, in dry wall Shang painting, not transparent, and easy dry, and has hard sense; II wax painting, wax and pigment mixed painting in wood or stone quality Shang, again heating processing; ⑤ painting, painting Yu linen cloth or wood Shang; ⑥ propylene painting, to acrylic for main harmonic agent, fast dry , Dull, modern fresco. More descriptive and sometimes mixed or combined with fabrication, embossing. Process-refers to the process of painting murals to create means to accomplish the final effects. Due to craftsmanship or technology of modern production, plus a variety of texture, the texture properties of the material, can be achieved by other means cannot be achieved, a special artistic effects,So was modern mural widely used, points: ① wall carved, between carved and mural Zhijian, tendencies plane of composition, not to volume styling mainly, so still close mural, has shallow relief, and deep relief and the Yin carved line, technique, material has stone quality, and cement, and ceramic, and wood, and bronze,; II wall carved, with cement mix chalk soil, and lime, and quartz sand, again paged pigment, made wall surface, not dry Shi, stripping carved out different color layer, made mural; ③ mosaic mural, main to cement adjustable into adhesive, with color stone, and ceramic tablets, and color glass, and shells Spell embedded into, enamel, precious stones and other granular about ceramic murals, ease of production, durable, has a good visual effect, means of modern mural, are widely used. In addition, you can also use a variety of craft making murals, such as paint, lacquer, carpet weaving, printing and dyeing, synthetic resins, synthetic fibers, etc. More modern mural involving categories, has been painting, sculpture, crafts, architecture and modern industrial technology between a fringe art.

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