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Wall Transformation Depends On Substrate

Lanca Wallcovering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 04, 2015

The largest part of the wall is home, using walls of different materials, texture, style, creating a different family-friendly atmosphere, old-for-new, walls are transformed in the first goal. Wall reform is not easy, engineering experts, regardless of the material original wall covering, transforming key depends on the base walls are energy-efficient.

Q: home is paint the walls, now intends to replace part of the bedroom and the living room TV background wall with a wallpaper, construction in trouble?

A: paint walls to change the wallpaper, is relatively simple, the specific situation of construction of the wall. If just loaded has two or three years of time, wall surface basement status good, can directly in latex paint Shang posted wallpaper; if wall surface exists some as stains, and cracking, and potholes, small problem, but without for eradication wall surface words, on can only on local problem wall surface for patch, patch finished of wall surface again for polished processing, last using wallpaper base film processing wall surface, prevent wall surface grass-roots of moisture and alkaline material, caused wallpaper of damp, situation of produced, again posted wallpaper on can has; if decoration time more long, wall surface appeared aging phenomenon, Off the ground, cracking, peeling, structural conditions, on the need for the eradication of the original paint and putty, puttying again, according to the General procedure.

Q: there is insulation on the balcony, now want to change wall brick, can it? What are the matters that need attention?

A: terrace insulation is usually foam material surrounded by metal mesh and cement mortar scratch covers. Generally this insulation wall of material strength lower, to bear tile of weight, if wants to in within insulation wall spread posted wall brick has two species practices: a is can directly will insulation layer eradication, show cement wall body Hou for Pu posted tile; II is original of wall surface Shang cover cement pressure Board enhanced wall bearing efforts, in cement board outside hanging metal network to increased cement and wall stick received degree, last again Pu posted tile.

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