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Wallpaper Styles

Lanca Wallcovering Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 10, 2015

One, American country style:

American country attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life, shows the simple flavors of the country, it abandons the cumbersome and costly. Completeness of the beautiful styling of both classical and neoclassical features. American village style of furniture color to natural tones mainly, bedroom tones overall to green, soil Brown for common, especially in wall surface color of select Shang, natural, nostalgia, distributed with rustic breath of color is American village style of typical features, wallpaper more selection pure pulp texture, and will different style in the of excellent elements collection fusion, stressed return natural, regardless of is heavy of furniture, also is with years vicissitudes of distribution ornaments, are in to people show life of comfortable and free. Wallpaper select elements: nature, color and paper.

Second, the neo-classical style:

The perfect combination of classical and modern, because it comes from classical, take the spirit! Is under the norms of traditional aesthetics, use of modern materials and technology, to play in the classic essence of traditional culture, which not only offers elegant, dignified and temperament, and has an obvious feature of the age! Wallpaper select elements: elegance, luxury and comfort.

Third, the new Chinese-style:

China's traditional culture under the background of the current deduction. Complex decoration condensed more subtle fine, hard, straight lines, accompanied by gentle soft decoration, classical beauty into the modern, simple and practical design. New Chinese style are not pure elements from within, but through the understanding of traditional culture, modern and traditional elements together, to the modern aesthetic needs to create something full of traditional charm. Wallpaper select elements: nostalgia, delicate, and Chinese elements.

Four, Eastern Mediterranean style:

Eastern Mediterranean people love free spirited nature, in the live environment with spacious design and Visual penetration of color. Using arches, Windows, hollow walls to create a sense of penetrating vision, and make a space has the effect of extending, Spain Blue Coast and white-sand beaches, Greece white villages, South Italy sunflower fields flowing golden in the sunlight, France South of lavender aroma floating blue-purple, North Africa desert and unique rocks, all plastic elements of the Eastern Mediterranean dream. Wallpaper select elements: lively, romantic, lighter colors.

Five, the classic European style:

Elegant classical style: fiber to the medieval style, rich in Renaissance style, romantic Baroque style, delicate Rococo style! Hua Guang radiant, translucent Crystal lamps, exquisite carving craftsmanship, complex floral design beautiful, gorgeous wallpapers of nature, but one interpretation of luxury, exquisite! European classic without the fear of change of time and space, fascinating. Wallpaper select elements: sophisticated, gorgeous, European-style elements.

Six, elegance and style:

Has a strong cultural taste of Deco, it broke the modernist styling forms and decorative techniques, collocation of focusing on style and color coordination against simplification; emphasizes the pursuit of quality and harmonious color pattern, against strong color contrasts and heavy metal smell! Elegant attention to taste, emphasis on comfort, melting characteristics of Gu Tong today. After finishing and polishing of wood, wallpaper network, has a rich warm colours and beautiful fabrics and exquisite black dot and the combination of polished hardwood floors or tiles, make the whole atmosphere of life full of warmth, highlight the master's quest for quality of life. Wallpaper select elements, stylish, refined and comfortable.

Seven, and old fashioned style:

More highlights than a simple self, personality, no regular spatial structure, bold contrast color layout, as well as flexible and soft material match, with the mix and match approach from seeking an ultra realistic balance in the cold, wallpaper choice factors: trendy, stylish, personality.